Monday, April 26, 2021


Wyzeman Ventures, a Toronto-based venture capital firm specializing in luxury businesses, announced it has completed its acquisition of Puuritea, a premier wellness community focused on youthfulness.

“Puuritea is an extraordinary company because it is focused on a product that is treasured by its small core social elite member community which has been growing for over 20 years,” commented Ron Salzberg, an investment insider familiar with the businesses. “This acquisition will help Puuritea transform from a prestigious club to an exclusive powerhouse in the luxury wellness sphere. The full terms and financial settlement were undisclosed, but rumored to be over $35M. An investment like that signifies the value of Puuritea’s products and services, and enables the business to expand its offerings and membership into new territory that is beneficial to everyone.”

“There is a buzz among certain wellness influencers about what this acquisition could mean,” said Claire Johnson, a social media commentator from Manhattan. “Most of us have never heard of it, but the tea that Puuritea makes is often talked about in elite circles. A tea that is claimed to keep people younger and living longer. Who doesn’t want that. Keep in mind that this tea has never been made public before, so the people who know about it are very excited about it becoming available.”

About Puuritea

Puuritea is a community united around the principle of staying young and living long. While the community has been around for over 20 years, it has remained a closed community until its recent acquisition by Wyzeman Ventures. Known best for its closely guarded tea, Puuritea also boasts one of the most prestigious luxury concierge services.

About Wyzeman Ventures

Wyzeman Ventures is a venture capital firm specialized in managing luxury businesses. It was established in 2015 and is responsible for over 25 successful ventures since then.